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Canada: Day 1

Background information for teachers of adult English language learners
Canada: Day 1 is the inaugural travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. This exhibition, through the voices of immigrants, brings to light the similarities and differences, the ups and the downs, of the experiences of one’s first day in Canada.
Canada: Day 1 is presented through the following themes:
Transitions, Arrival, Encounters, Finding Your Way and Reflections.
The exhibition begins with Transitions. This section includes a brief introduction to the topic of diverse experiences of immigrating to Canada and presents a short video montage representing arrival to Canada. This video helps set the tone for the exhibit. The introduction serves to connect the visitor to the content right away. We want the visitor to think of their own life experiences and compare or contrast them to the messages in the exhibit.

The Lesson Packs and Overview were created by Justine Light, and experienced ELL teacher, and someone with whom we have worked for a number of years.

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Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
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Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21