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Accreditation Feedback Requested



ATESL’s accreditation committee has struggled in recent years with the accreditation of applicants with foreign or non-traditional credentials. In 2010, ATESL surveyed the membership to find out if there was an interest in making changes to the ATESL accreditation scheme. The response from the membership was not unequivocal and did not give ATESL the mandate to move ahead with changes, yet the difficulties faced by the accreditation committee continued and the Board decided that the status quo is not acceptable. In 2012, ATESL created an accreditation task force to research and provide recommendations to the Board for action. The resulting report was presented at the ATESL AGM in November 2012 in Edmonton. Here is the report in full. Please take the time to read it now. The future of ATESL accreditation rests on informed decisions.

We are asking for your comments and feedback.

Please e-mail comments and questions to Irene Wood between February 4 and 28.

Thank you,


ATESL Accreditation Task Force
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ATESL Accreditation Task Force