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Career Planning for Low Literacy Adults

The Career and Workplace Resources branch is pleased to announce three new career planning resources for low literacy adults: • Work and You Book 1: Make Some Job Choices. (workbook, Catalogue # 757714) This workbook helps clients with low literacy skills create a short list of one to three occupations. It takes clients through a brief self-assessment and introduces them to eight Easy Reading occupational clusters. To ease readability and reduce the amount of writing required, stories, checklists and exercises are used throughout. Clients are encouraged to start with Book 1. • Work and You Book 2: Decide on a Job. (workbook, Catalogue # 757715) This workbook helps clients with low literacy skills to research and evaluate the short list of jobs they created in Book 1. In the end, they will choose an occupational goal to pursue. Like Book 1, stories, checklists and exercises are used throughout. • Work and You: Help for Career Advisors. (online resource) This guide to the Work and You books includes objectives and strategies, discussion topics, supplemental activities and other resources to help career advisors support clients who have low literacy skills with their career planning. Like the other online resources in this series, Work and You: Help for Career Advisors has been formatted to allow for downloading, 3-hole punching and storage in a 3-ring binder. Since the products in this series are interdependent, a downloadable binder cover and spine has been created so you can store your copies of the Easy Reading Career Planning Series products together for easy access. For your information: Work and You Book 1 and Work and You Book 2 provide a simplified career planning process in two consecutive workbooks for adults at a Grade 2 to 3 reading level. Because of the low literacy level, the books encourage clients to seek the support of a career advisor or tutor to help them with their career decision-making. We recommend that career advisors distribute the books directly to clients rather than displaying them on shelves for self-directed use. They can be ordered HERE They are the latest additions to the Easy Reading Career Planning Series. Other products in the series include: • Easy Job Profiles • Job Profiles Dictionary • Job Profiles: Help for Career Advisors
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