In order to promote the highest standards of teaching and provision of English Language programs for learners in Alberta, ATESL maintains and adheres to the following system of governance.

The ATESL Strategic Plan is available for review here: ATESL Strategic Plan 2017-2019: Envisioning the Future
ATESL is a professional organization that promotes the highest standards of ESL Alberta by promoting professional development, advocating on behalf of ESL learners, and working to establish best-practice guidelines and standards for ESL practitioners across Alberta. ATESL recommends the following standards of ethical conduct of ESL practitioners and Best Practices.
ATESL policies provide the framework required to maintain and protect the association in order to attain its vision of being regarded as essential and credible professionals duly respected and supported by the society at large.
The following contains information about the ATESL executive board members, committees, and the membership representatives.